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The growing popularity of fully prepared vegetables with longer shelf lives is doubling the volume of space dedicated to dehydrated vegetables on store shelves. With the development of drying technology, it is now feasible to produce desiccated vegetables in far less time while maintaining their nutritional content. The appetite and demand for dehydrated vegetables have risen as a result of these circumstances! 

But do you know the 'WHY' behind the origin of dehydrated Vegetables in India?

The amazing thing about food preservation is that it has pervaded practically every civilization at almost every point in history. Ancient man had to control nature to exist. He froze meat on the ice in cold climates to survive then and dried foods in the sun in tropical climates!  

Food, by its very nature, starts to spoil as soon as it is harvested. Ancient man was able to establish roots and settle in one area, forming a community, thanks to the preservation of vegetables and other eatables. He didn’t have to eat the kill or harvest right away, and he could save some for later. Each culture used the same basic food preservation strategies to preserve their local food sources. The same methods have always gained preferences for humankind through centuries!  

Nothing is better than knowing you’ve got access to all-natural foods all year round, irrespective of the season. Dehydrated foods are generally 100% natural, as you utilize dehydrated foods in their raw form. The finest foods to present plant-based dieters and the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber intake they lose when limiting meats are dried vegetables and fruits. The dehydrating procedure extends the shelf life of food impressively. So, you have extended its use for even longer by choosing food that is virtually reaching its expiry date and dehydrating it. It enables you to have enough healthy food on hand that keeps you nicely for quite a while. By substituting your snacks with dried fruits and vegetables, you’ll go a long way in keeping a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying lots of yummy snacks and recipes.